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Who we are

MedCodeData is a web-based, free-content database of all current medical coding system relating to health care in the US. Medical coding, or medical classification, helps to transform descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into uniform medical code numbers to make it easier to document, report and ensure consistency in healthcare records used by government health program, health insurance companies, health professionals, medical practitioners & providers,…for administrative, financial, and analytical purposes.

MedCodeData automatically updates and acquires official medical code data from The World Health Organization (WHO), the American Medical Association (AMA), The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and any agency responsible for maintaining medical code database.

What we do

MedCodeData.com offers an easy way for anyone to lookup medical codes with the most updated diagnosis codes, procedural codes and drug codes database. Our gigantic health care code database include:

  • Health diagnostic codes

Used to identify diseases, disorders, and symptoms and to measure morbidity and mortality.

Examples: ICD-10-CM, ICD-10

  • Medical procudure codes

Used to determine health interventions.

Examples: HCPCS, CPT

  • Drug codes

Used to specify medications intended for human use.

Examples: ATC, NDC

Why we do

MedCodeData helps patients and health professionals save time by not having to go through thousand pages of medical codes to find information on a specific medical code number, a medial diagnosis, procedure or drug name. Our purpose is to ensure transparency among all parties including patients, physicians, health insurance companies, accreditation organizations and payers.

We fully respect your privacy and do not use cookies to collect your search data.

Contact us: medcodedata@gmail.com

About Us
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